Supply Chain

Manage and improve in-store processes to develop our customer experience.
Get great operational and leadership training
Have fantastic support from a buddy, mentor and manager
Have the potential opportunity to join our Graduate Programme

Status: Programme closed
Supply Chain

Key Information

Salary - £18k pa

Eligibility – 320 UCAS Points, On track for a 2:1

Length – 10 Weeks

Every day, 11 million customers visit Tesco stores. Here in the Supply Chain team we are always looking for ways to improve how Tesco gives those customers what they want, when they want it. Did you know that a 10 degree rise in temperature means we sell 300% more barbecue meat and 50% more lettuce? We use this relationship to make sure we order products in the right amounts to give our shoppers what they want while minimising the amount that goes to waste.

Based on our data-driven insight, collaboration with Tesco colleagues and in partnership with our suppliers, our projects make significant lasting changes to the UK’s biggest retailer. And we can really see the changes we make: as well as measuring benefits in the office, we see them in visits to our stores and throughout the Supply Chain.

As well as getting a taste of how the UK’s largest retailer operates, you will:

  • deliver your own change project to make a real difference in stores
  • collaborate with our operational colleagues and suppliers to understand the challenges we face
  • integrate into our team of project managers, analysts and data scientists to make lasting improvements to how our business operates
  • engage with our directors to discuss and implement your ideas
  • learn analytical techniques, project management and programming skills (such as SQL, Matlab, VBA) through formal training and support from the wider team

This internship is within the Transformation & Internal Consulting team based in our Welwyn Garden City office. We will work with you to match you with a great project that suits your strengths and skills. As a team of keen problem-solvers, we use an analytical approach to creatively solve problems, develop systems using mathematical modelling, and introduce better ways of working within our team and across our offices and suppliers.

  • Tesco is the UK’s largest retailer and has stores/operations across Europe and Asia
  • We calculate what to order for every product for every store, every day: that’s two million orders!
  • If we stacked everything we sell in a week on their pallets, it would reach 100 times the height of the Eiffel Tower
  • Each week, Tesco sells enough lettuces that they’d stretch the entire length of the M25 (and in the Supply Chain team we need to calculate that number accurately)
  • If the temperature rises by 10C, we need to supply 300% more BBQ meat to our customers

What you need to succeed

Read through the criteria to see if this programme is the right one for you.

Do you have:

320 UCAS points

A 2:1 in any subject (with a preference for mathematics, science or engineering degrees)

An analytical approach

A practical problem solver

Ability to present complex information clearly and simply

Is able to engage and influence different types of people

Builds strong relationships with customers and suppliers

Organised, tenacious, and driven to succeed

A considerate team player

A Degree or relevant Retail/Supply Chain work experience